WPI - AloeYogurt


Aloe yogurt flavor of protein powder made from WPI, which is now even easier to dissolve due to product improvements. Refreshing and refreshing aloe and yogurt sour taste. A refreshing, non-intrusive flavor that is recommended for women.

Nutrition Facts Per serving (30g)  Per 100g
Energy 114kcal 380 kcal
Protein 25.2g 84.0g
Fat 0.4g 1.3g
Carbohydrates 2.6g 8.7g
Salt Equivalent 0.05g 0.16g

a Per product anhydrous




Whey protein (including milk ingredients, manufactured in Germany),
food made mainly from milk, etc. / Flavorings, acidifiers, emulsifiers
(from soybeans), sweeteners (sucralose, stevia)

Allergy Information

(Allergens contained in this product
(among 28 specified raw materials): dairy ingredients)

LÝFT Aloe Yogurt is a drinkable yogurt with a very high protein content that not only dissolves quickly in water, but also has no protein taste.

By eliminating the unique protein smell, dissolving difficulty, and tartness that is often associated with WPI, it has a protein content of "89%+" *a protein content so refreshing that you may doubt that it really contains protein.

By reproducing the moderate acidity and sweet and sour taste of aloe yogurt, you can enjoy this refreshing drink even after training.

LYFT delivers a taste loved by everyone, regardless of gender.

Point 1)
Despite being a WPI product, it is easy to dissolve, with no lumps, and dissolves into water surprisingly quickly.

Point 2
High protein content 89% or more Despite the high protein content, the product is light and pleasant to drink, without the peculiar taste of protein. LYFT is proud to offer this protein that does not feel thick or slippery.

Protein Content

Each serving provides 25.2g of protein. Highly recommended for trainees on a restricted diet.

How to consume.
Mix quickly and drink 30g per serving in 200ml of water or milk. Adjust the amount of water according to your taste preference. Use a shaker to make it easier to dissolve. It is important to keep it tasty.
For best taste, mix quickly for 10 to 20 seconds, and drink after the bubbling has subsided slightly.

Recommended :
Breakfast, snack time, golden hour after exercise, bedtime, etc., taking into consideration the amount of exercise and diet.

It is important to take the right amount at the right time for the right purpose, such as "muscle building," "recovery from fatigue," and "beauty.

It is easier and more effective to continue taking 5 to 6 portions based on your body weight [2g/1kg].

Dietary balance should be based on a staple meal, main dish, and side dishes.

Delivery method (regarding the handle)
(1) If you purchase multiple packages, we do not attach the handles to the packages to prevent them from being broken. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you attach the handles yourself. The double-sided tape can be easily attached to the package. Please follow the cross mark (+) on the back of the label for the position of the tape.
(2) Can be purchased at the same time as apparel products. However, depending on the size of the apparel product, we
may use the same packing method as in (1) above.
Please understand this in advance.

【厚生労働省が認めた国内工場で製造】 品質管理は当然の事、原料の受け入れ時の試験・原料規格確認、正常検査(色・味・匂い)、細菌検査のチェックを行いクリアした原料だけを製造で使用しております。お客様の元には安心できるプロテインだけをお届けいたします。




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